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WILDLIFE Experiences

Looking to Book A Tour and Meet Our Ambassadors?

WILD tours held at our sanctuary are on a request basis only.

Your 1 hr journey through our facility is lead by an experienced Wildlife Educator.

It is 100% fun and 100% interactive.

You will learn first hand about Durham Region’s only wildlife rehabilitation and education center. Questions of how the rehabilitation process works, what happens to animals that can’t be released and most importantly learn the story of how our permanent residents came to join our Animal Ambassador Team. Your WILD Tour will bring you up close and personal with all of our Animal Ambassadors, including bob cats, foxes, ground hogs, porcupines and even a skunk.

Please remember during these tours you will not be interacting with any animals that are currently part of the rehabilitation process. You will only be engaging with our permanent residence.

Don’t forget your camera.

Children taking a tour

As Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue is not funded by the government or any other agency, we host these tours to raise money for specific items.

Time Slots Available:

  • 9:00am
  • 11:00am
  • 1:00pm
  • 3:00pm

The Fee:

Adults are $50 + HST
Children 3-12 are $30 + HST
Children 2* and under are FREE

*Please take note: Children this young will not be able to enter into the bobcat enclosure for safety reasons. Parents will be able to switch out to ensure everyone can enjoy the experience.

These WILD Tours can be booked by contacting us.

All groups are limited to 10 individuals per time slot. Please note that your party will be placed with other individuals unless otherwise pre-arranged with Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue.

Thank you for helping to save a WILD life!