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Our Facility

Raccoon in a kiddie pool
Soper Creek Sign
Outdoor Enclosure
Outdoor Enclosure

Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue is nestled within the beautiful forests of the Oak Ridge Moraine. Sitting on 15 enchanted acres we have a fully equipped quarantine facility, nursery and outdoor enclosures designed to stimulate the animals natural surroundings.

The animals that come into our facility find themselves recovering in a facility that looks and feels like home to them. Their enclosures are built directly within the forest and made from the surrounding living trees. We are able to recycle fallen trees, those that are deemed unsafe and those that pull resources away from the healthy forest population and use them to create the most natural environment for the animals, both permanently and temporarily.

The predators that come to us have the ability to practice their hunting skills before being released back into the wild. Small birds, rodents and reptiles are able to pass through their living quarters. While prey species can find security in the many hides located throughout the habitat. Each enclosure is designed specifically for the individual species needs.

The wildlife rehabilitation centre is not currently open to the public but we always welcome volunteers.

Animal Shelter
Forest Path
Animal Enclosure
Animal Shelter

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